• "Only living from Truth's higher facts can put you into a position where
    the hostile experiences can't touch you. Now, in your present condition,
    you're so easily set off. You have no control of your own responses to the
    world. Anyone can do anything to you. They can ignore you and you feel bad.
    They can praise you and you feel puffed up for a little bit and then worry
    where the next compliment is going to come from.

    Now I have just told you, all of you, what you have to do if you really
    want to change from unhappiness to happiness. I've told you what to do.
    Shall I summarize it? I said only higher knowledge, divine wisdom, use any
    word you want - only a different kind of an education can put you in charge
    of yourself and therefore in charge of the whole world. And if you are in
    charge of yourself, you are in charge of the whole world. Because you are
    not presently in charge of yourself you are the victim of the whole world.
    You have just been given, all of you, have just been given a call to

           from a talk given 12/30/1987
        V H's Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 17, talk 408, track 1