You can drive your car uphill for ten or fifty miles, but you know that
    sooner or later the road will turn downhill. You are sure of this because
    you understand the natural laws of geography. You realize that no car can
    travel uphill or downhill endlessly. They must alternate with each other.

    Connect this with your daily course. The same law of alternation applies.
    The wise teachings of Taoism call it the law of yang and yin. Most people
    do not know this law. A person fails to casually enter the flow which
    alternates uphill and downhill. Instead, he identifies with uphill, that
    is, he falsely believes he can survive psychologically only if events match
    his acquired desires. So he fights ridiculously and vainly to make the road
    run uphill all the way.

    But the natural man has an easy road all the way. He does not proceed while
    hoping for uphill and therefore worrying over downhill. He is not fighting
    for a fictitious survival. He is above that. He lives."

        Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, p. 141(Previous version)
                                                    p. 136 (Current version)