• "When you become conscious for the first time of the maniacal racing of
    your thoughts, you will want to turn your head away and not look at it.
    You'll want to shout out, 'That's not me! Why should I have anything to do
    with it?' You'll be afraid - listen to this incredible fact - the first
    time you see it, you'll be afraid that your own maniacal mind will
    overwhelm you and lead you into dark places. You'll be afraid of something
    happening that always has happened. It already has happened! It's already
    going on, going on in your mind. You just haven't observed it yet. You just
    haven't noticed how you're utterly immersed with your eyes closed inside, what
    is going on inside, destructively, without your knowledge of it happening.
    All right.

    Now this is the next important crisis for you. Upon your first tiny glimpse
    of the fact that you are all lost, so upon your first glimpse of that you
    will want to do what the people out that window do - and you must not do
    what they do or you will exit from this world as they do. They will exit
    with the nothingness that they lived with calling it something. And I don't
    want that for any of you in this room or hearing this talk.

    Oh, it's perfectly proper to talk about common everyday virtues such as
    being brave, being good, facing the facts. It's good as elementary lessons,
    which you can't skip, by the way. That's why it's good to teach children to
    be good even though they don't understand it. But I am talking now about a
    new kind of inner spiritual bravery, courage - a new kind, not the fake
    bluffs of the world, not the hardened neurosis type of bravery which
    destroys - but a new kind of courage which God will give you upon your
    request. So request it - that will come to you when you finally after thirty,
    forty, sixty, seventy years with some of you, you finally come face to face
    with the fact that your mind is mad.

    You can understand, can't you, why practically no one, compared to the
    population of the world, is going to come back to this room time after
    time. Too much! The disturbance is used to give them a false feeling of
    life, instead of you sitting back. This is what you must do new from now on
    the next time you catch yourself being crazy in any way at all. How many of
    you suspect it already? Go on from the suspicion.

    I'm telling you what you can do! You can be smarter than darkness. You can
    outwit your own neurosis."

    How to Escape Your Noisy Mind - Part 1
    Powerful Techniques for Self-Rescue - MP3 CD, track 1