• "There is a series of pains and sufferings that have its way with the
    average man, average woman. A human being who has not found himself, who
    does not live by spiritual rules, has no alternative but to live from one
    shock to the next one, from one self-doubt to the next self-doubt. And no
    one knows it better than you, because you, you are proving by your life the
    truth of what I'm telling you.

    Now you know that outburst you had, when was it, when's the last outburst
    you had, even blared out with your mouth, shouted something, got
    exasperated and volcanic, that was pain, was it not? See, the pain was
    always there, you were just hiding it. When's the last time you sighed
    and sighed wearily over your life, your un-life, and wondered if it's
    worthwhile, what it's all about?

    Now that weariness, please listen to what I'm telling you, so that you can
    learn how to do something about it, that weariness was always with you. You
    just had a phony front that you put on, on your face and on your manner,
    thinking that perhaps if you didn't let yourself see it, you wouldn't
    feel it. But you didn't succeed did you, you felt it all the time.

    A person who does not know himself, who may be quite religious, quite
    philosophical, quite active, quite busy, quite wealthy, a person who has
    not found reality experiences just two things, two kinds of experiences.
    You'll see how true this is when I tell you what they are. You have what
    you call good experiences and what you call bad experiences. And they're
    all bad because even the good ones are simply feeding a certain false
    position in you, which likes to get exhilarated and say, 'Ah, that time I
    won, that time I scored a win, that time I made a little gain,' but the
    fact that you have to try to convince yourself that it was a gain means
    that it was a loss.

    Now there is a third choice and this is a very important point early in
    this talk for you to listen to what I'm going to tell you. You must
    abandon your love for mere good and bad experiences and, instead of those
    two awful choices, have experiences that make you feel alive."

        from a talk given 2/10/1988
     V. H.'s Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 18, talk 433, track 1