• "Look at the average man and you're looking at a scared little boy. Look at
    the average woman and you're looking at a shy, nervous, worried little
    girl. That's the whole world as it actually is. Now let me tell you the
    real reason why you were afraid, why you are that little boy grown up and
    that little girl grown up physically.

    Let me tell you the real reason why you're afraid, anxious, worried,
    concerned, nervous. It's because you don't know what's happening to you.
    You feel that a force, an energy is acting upon you, which is true. But you
    don't know what it is doing to you. You don't understand the whirling
    back and forth and up and down, going places out in the world, meeting
    people, leaving them, going to work, not finding much happiness there,
    going to work somewhere else. Things are happening to you but you don't
    know the how or why. That is why you're afraid.

    And you feel completely helpless, don't you? Feeling pushed around, you
    don't know what to do about it. You don't know where to find control. You
    don't know how to find strength and wisdom to understand all this pushing
    around. There's no way you can put yourself in charge of all the movements
    that come to you and all the sorrows and pains that go with it. You do not
    understand what is happening to you here in this life.

    I'm going to explain what is happening to you. And with this explanation,
    you will see clearly. With this clearness of inner sight, there will be no
    more anxiety, no more worry. You won't be a little boy anymore, you'll be a
    big, strong, mature man. You won't be a scared little girl anymore. You'll
    understand, you'll be mature and then you will never be pushed around again
    by anything."

                             Victory Over Harmful Forces
                           SOLVED The Mystery of Life,
                      Chap. 8, Part IV, p. 266 (Previous version)
                                  Chap. 8, Part V, p. 200 (Current version)