• "Do you understand that you're very foolish, you are a very foolish man,
    you are a very foolish woman to continue to endure what need not be endured
    because the explanation is available. What are you afraid of? You find it
    very hard to identify, don't you? Afraid to talk about it to anyone?
    Because you're ashamed that you have all this anguish inside of you.

    How many wives live with a husband thirty, forty years, and suppress it
    instead of bringing it out and trying to find the answer to it? How many
    husbands live with their wives for all these years and he's a big fake;
    she asks him a question and he pretends that he's poised about it, that
    he's confident about it, that he knows the answer, instead of both of
    them simply facing their problem squarely and saying, 'I'm scared.'
    Since when is it wrong to be honest, since when is it a
    shameful thing to say, 'I don't know, I don't understand.' Since
    when is it wrong to simply admit that there is something wrong with their

    Oh, there's something in back of it, isn't there? What should we call
    it? Let's call it vanity as a nice general overall phrase. Doesn't
    personal vanity cover a multitude of sins?

    All these things we don't want to admit to others, and you understand, do
    you, that you don't want to admit it to others because you don't
    want to see it in yourself. You don't want to tell yourself how badly off
    you are because then that would violate the phony self-images you have of
    being a brave, courageous, understanding, or even spiritual person.

    She was a very foolish young woman for a long time, wasn't she? She
    endured what she didn't have to endure. She suffered when she didn't
    have to suffer at all.

    You're suffering, you know you are. You're suffering from things that you
    don't want to see because - listen to this - you're afraid that there isn't
    an answer.

    Well, I'm here to tell you that there is an answer for every single one of
    your difficulties, your anxieties, all those strange weird voices and
    sounds that you hear coming out of the fog of life. I am telling you that
    they all can be understood and dissolved if you will do what is necessary
    for you to do to make them go away.

    The lady in the story got tired of hiding it from herself, she got tired of
    suffering. Aren't you tired of the terror of the next day?"

        Freedom from Conflict  DVD # 3, talk 1