• "If you have a question about your life - why is it so confusing, so hard -
    if you have a question, you must not try to find an answer in tears, you
    must not try to find an answer in anger, you must not try to find an answer
    in running around bothering people, pretending that you really seek
    solutions to life. If you really want the answers to life, it is possible
    for you to have them, as long as you don't consult yourself.

    Now the source of answers is not within you as you now are, and if you
    understand that, you will no longer turn in circles thinking that you're
    finding answers when you're simply finding thrills and excitements,
    things that are not solutions at all.

    So, tonight, as we talk about questions and answers, please be very alert
    to your own mind, how it acts, how it receives what has been said and see
    if you can glimpse something that is not a part of you. See if you can sense
    something a little bit different, a little bit higher; and if you sense it,
    hang on to it, instead of hanging on to your own resistance."

        Questions and Answers 5
           DVD # 6, talk 2   Blu-ray # 3, talk 2