• "The world is unsaved. The world is unsaved because the individual is
    unsaved. The individual is unsaved because he or she will not allow himself
    to hear the Truth about the human existence here on earth.

    You're going to hear the Truth tonight. You're going to hear the
    explanation. You're going to hear the explanation that you yourself have
    not wanted to hear because it frightens you too much because _it_ is
    terrified - the nature, the self, the mind from which you now live. That is
    what is afraid.

    Your real nature can't be afraid of Truth because it is the same thing as
    Truth. It loves Truth.

    You're very much afraid of looking at the facts for fear you will be afraid
    of what you see. Now I want you to do something very special tonight. I
    want you to hear the words, yes, you do that all the time. But I want you
    to feel the talk as well as hear it. And you do that by making yourself
    vulnerable. Do you know what that means?

    It means you are not going to protect anything during this next forty-five
    minutes. You're going to let whatever comes come inside you and do what it
    wants to do, which, by the way, will make you healthy, will make you a
    human being who can walk down the street and understand everything that's
    going on in human society.

    You'll be able to sort the pieces, you'll be able to understand why those
    two men are standing there staring dully and talking dully to each other.
    You'll understand why everyone is chasing around. You'll understand the
    unsaved world because you are no longer a part of it and you know it
    absolutely. You don't have to ask questions of anyone. The truth, the
    witness, the evidence is all inside of you. I want you tonight to begin to
    feel that fact for yourself.

    So that you - among a thousand other rewards - so that you will enjoy
    yourself, which you don't now; so that you will enjoy your life here on
    earth, which has eluded you up to now; so that everything you know, you
    will know effortlessly."

        from a talk given 3/23/1988
      V. H.'s Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 19, talk 458, track 1