• "When you were a little child, were you ever invited somewhere - to a
    birthday party, the kid's birthday party next door - and you were afraid,
    you didn't know how to behave. 'What should I do? Where should I sit?
    Should I talk to the girl there? Should I have two cups of lemonade?'
    (Laughter) Ask for two cups of lemonade. It's all right. (Laughter)

    You're the little child, aren't you? When you face yourself and then go
    into fear, asking, 'But what should I do?' You have walked right into the
    usual trap all covered with pretty roses. You still believe in yourself.
    'But what should I do? Am I not a halfway normal human being?' How many of
    you are halfway normal? (Laughter) Shall I stop there? (Laughter)

    'What should I do?' Stop asking that question! 'What should I do?' There's
    no one there to do anything. There never was. There never will be. But you
    fear taking advantage of your opportunity to develop. Your fear - invading
    body, mind, emotions - your fear talks for you and when you hear it say,
    'But what will happen to me,' you believe in that. You believe in that
    falsehood. Don't."

                 HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT
           Your Power of Natural Knowing, Chap. 19, p. 154 (Previous version)
                                          Chap. 19, p. 136 (Current version)