• "There must be a willingness - and I want you all to invite it right now,
    invite willingness please, while I'm talking - invite a willingness to
    understand what you can do right now and what you can't do. What you
    can't do is be happy.

    What you can do is to acknowledge thoroughly completely that you can't be
    happy. What you can do is to know that in your present condition there is
    nothing that you can do and this doer of great works has never existed for
    you and you know that. That's why you're still seeking - seeking in the
    dark woods for something that is illuminated which can never be found in
    the dark woods of your own acquired condition, old nature. The stunning
    shock that there is nothing I-you can do about the terrible internal
    struggle and contradiction and mess.

    The realization of utter and I mean utter one hundred percent helplessness
    and hopelessness, the realization of that can - this is true thinking now -
    the realization of that, that you can do nothing for yourself, about
    yourself, in favor of self, the knowledge of that can be invited. And by
    this time you hopefully have obeyed my instructions to invite something
    that is not a part of you; but there is a decider, an inviter or rejecter,
    there is an inviter within you that can, right in the middle of being lost
    in the dark woods and it's cold and you're all alone and you don't
    know where to go or what to do to get outside of the dark woods - which is

    ...That inviter says, 'What's the use of going on?' And now I want you to
    add the following when you say this - it's important - 'what's the use
    of going on in _this_ way?' Underline that, emphasize it."

         Stop Hurting Yourself - Part 2
           Heavenly Help Awaits You - MP3 CD, track 6