• "Now I'm going to state in words something that has a spiritual impact that
    I want you to feel, experience and live for yourself. And I'm going to
    explain this heavenly state to you in different kinds of words, all
    referring to the same thing.

    When you feel tempted to trust friendship to give you a sense of self, when
    you think that making the extra money is going to make you feel good, you
    are to stop that thought the moment it tries to intrude and deceive you, and
    leave your mind in an open position to where a higher voice can enter your
    mind and keep at a permanent distance all such foolish and treacherous
    thoughts which put trust and confidence in the human level.

    You must lose false confidence before you can get authentic confidence and
    guidance. Don't forget that, before I go on. Loss comes first. You don't
    ever have to think about what you're going to gain. That's not your
    place. Your place and your position is to know what you have to let go of
    and then let go of it. You do your part, be assured that Heaven will do its

        from a talk given 6/22/1988
      Vernon Howard's Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 21, talk 507, track 1