'About three years ago,' said Milton, 'a strange restlessness possessed me.
    Its very vagueness was frightening. I felt urged to search for something,
    but had no idea what it might be. All I knew was that I could not continue
    with my usual life. Am I making sense?'

    'Perfect sense. Consciousness of restlessness is the first stirring of new
    life. Your next step is to give direction to this restlessness, for it
    contains great energy.' 'But I need so much help. Is it available?'

    'You can have all the help you want providing you want help more than you
    want anything else.' .

    'Something is happening to me. What is it?'

    'What is happening is that your world is becoming too small for you. You
    said you cannot go on with your usual ways. That is tremendous. Already you
    are bursting out of boundaries. Now, occupy yourself with these teachings
    until they tell their full and fascinating story.'"

          Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, p. 149 (Previous version)
                                                     p. 144 (Current version)