• "How can you call yourself a happy, self-controlled, realistic human being as
    long as you don't understand what is going on in the dark, inside

    To help you to solve this problem and to bring it up to where you can see
    it AS a minute by minute difficulty, I want to go into something that is
    very, very advanced in spiritual psychology, but which you can start
    tonight to take as a new brilliant, marvelous source of investigation, which
    will at first utterly baffle you.

    You won't know what to do at the start with what I'm going to tell you
    about in a moment, but you are stepping off in a new direction. And I tell
    you, at the far end of this particular inner journey, you will go through
    your day at home, at work, or wherever you are, you will go through that
    day with a different operating process inside you which will be your
    guide, your protector, which will have absolute authority over what is now
    keeping you divided and pained. That's how majestic it really is.

    I'm going to read you list of a few examples to make it clearer to you
    what we're talking about and then I want you to go home and write down
    your own similar list which you'll understand in a minute as this is
    developed. I want you to understand that you are saying to yourself: 'I am
    an unhappy person,' those statements you make yourself, 'I'm a baffled man,’
    'I'm a worried woman.' You are always talking in the depths of yourself to
    yourself and telling yourself the kind of an individual you are and they
    are inaccurate, whether you say I'm sad or whether you say I'm glad,
    they are both inaccurate. You are simply talking about yourself and it has
    no relationship to the reality of your inner nature at all.

    So I want you to remember now the following statement. I AM NOT THAT. Try
    it again and underline the _that_. I am not that. Because you are not that."

    Live with Yourself in Comfort - Part 2
    The Key to Spiritual Life-Healing - MP3 CD, track 4