• "Truth is exceedingly close, comforting and strong. Now isn't that a
    delightful thought to think about. Since Truth is close and strong, why are
    you weak? See Truth says something to you. It says, 'I want you to know
    that when you tremble, I don't tremble.' If you were to remember that, if
    you would bring yourself back to where you should be internally, you would
    be right with Truth. It would be your comfort. You need nothing else on
    earth. Now you need a lot of things, a lot of extras, don't you? You've got
    them. Look at the places you go, the things you think and what you grab for
    in order to feel safe and secure. Since they haven't worked, drop them and
    stay close to the little bit of Reality that you've collected."

                             Victory Over Harmful Forces
                           SOLVED The Mystery of Life,
                      Chap. 8, Part IV, p. 280 (Previous version)
                                  Chap. 8, Part VI, p. 210 (Current version)