• "You see, we come into this world and we are instantly surrounded and
    captured by all sorts of wrong thoughts and feelings and ambitions and
    goals, and once they get hardened inside us, we don't want to let them go.
    And when new truths, a new way is offered to this old nature, it screams;
    it objects mightily against anything that might dislodge it from its
    supreme position in your life.

    But you see, listen to this please, it is to the advantage of your true
    nature to start in this new direction; it's to your true advantage even if
    you don't understand what I'm talking about. The advantage is still there,
    you can find it. You must find it for yourself simply by making a welcome
    to all the new thoughts that you will hear now.

    Now let me tell you a story that has far more beneath the surface than you
    can presently see or understand. This story has a very profound meaning for
    you, has lots of meanings inside of it. Let's see how many you can grasp as
    I go along with it. And then I'll discuss it afterward.

    Here is a man who found himself out in the wilderness, out in the jungle,
    animal land. He was caught out there with all these vicious snarling,
    snapping, attacking animals of every description. By the way, do you
    understand I have already described the world we live in? Well, what would
    you call it besides Animal Land with everybody snapping at each other,
    personally and internationally and in the family, and in business, wherever
    you go. Well, anyway, here this man was caught out there and he didn't like
    it, any more, ladies and gentlemen, than you like being caught out in this
    animalistic world that you live in. You don't like it. You think it's the
    best you can do - we'll say something about that later too."

        The Wall of Thoughts  DVD # 8, talk 1