• "How do you get to this marvelous higher life we talk about? I told you
    how. And I'll repeat it. By constant self-study throughout your day in
    which you prove to yourself that you're nothing but automatically
    responding parts which divided themselves into attacking the world, hating
    the world, or defending yourself, and even calling yourself a 'loving
    person.' Defending someone, defending yourself against someone who hurt you
    by saying, 'How could he have ever done that to a loving individual like
    me? I'm kindly. I don't deserve treatment like that.'

    Sir, lady, you attracted the need to assault or defend.... You attracted
    every smashing of your motorcycle nature against the wall which hurt so

    You now understand that you - now listen to this and don't forget the
    phrase I'm going to use. You understand - you brought it upon yourself. I
    brought those tears, those heartaches, those chaotic results. I brought
    them upon myself and only I brought them upon myself.

    And now these years later I understand how and why. I understand how I
    attracted so much grief to myself because one Saturday morning at New Life
    Foundation I heard a talk about offense and defensive reactions. And I
    listened to that talk."

        from a talk given 10/29/1988
      V Hs Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 24, talk 580, track 1