The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth


    The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth? Part One


    A growing movement in this country is pwewing our virulent hatred against certain ethnic and racial groups—particularly the Jews—claiming that they are the lineal descendants of the serpentine creatures who appeared to Even in the Garden of Eden. Perhaps you have heard of this “seedline” teaching. If so, it is past time you saw the TRUTH about this hate-mongering doctrine!

    It is shocking but true! There are “ministers” right here in the USA who hold high the banner bearing the name of Yahvahosha the Messiah, and at the same time, propagate a venomous doctrine of hatred not unlike the one espouced by Adolph Hitler and his hand of hate-mongering madmen! The Jew, they say is the spiteful enemy of all that is good, right, decent and Religious in the World.

    Many of these preachers claim that the Jews of today are descendant of Cain, what they say was the “bastard son” born to a dirct unton between the “serpent” (Satan, or Lucifer), and Eve. This belief is called the doctrine of the “serpent's seed,” often called “two seelines” or “”seed of Satan.”

    Seedline preachers claim that today's Jews are counterfiets of the true descendants of the house of Judah; that rather than being a blessing to the world, as the people of Yahvah were intended to be, these counterfielts keep a straglehold on the enconomy of the Western world through their corrupt, usury-based banking systems, and are behild the production of all forms of enterainment containing pornographic filth and anti-Religious messages.

    We are told that these child of the devil cannot help but prepetrate the lies of their father; it's in their nature, as part of their genetic programing.

    One of their greatest lies, we are told, was the Holocaust, said to be the greatest hoax of the 20th century—a lie concocted and perpetunate by the Jews in order to win sympathy of the world, as they pilot toward world dominion today.

    It's no secret that there are despots and fanatics in this world who would like nothing better than the utter destruction of the Jews. Hitler tried it; Saddam Hussein tried it. But now, incredibly, we are seeing so called Religious ministers—right here in the USA—advocating a doctrine of hatred against these same people!

    And believe it or not, some of the more fanatical of this lot are suggesting that true Religios people should be willing and ready to wage war agains the Jews! To be Cont.



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