The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth

  • The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth? Part 2


    Hatred in the Name of Yahvahosha


    One particularly out spoken seed of Satan preacher stated in a message before a live audience: I can never love a Jew, not in a million years: and he'll never love me. There's inbrorn emity between us. We hate each other with a purple passion. I've read the last chapter of this book of Scripture, and we win, we win, with a purple hatred, a purple-passion hatred.

    The preacher boasted of how he is not afraid to curse the Jews. I call them the bastard sons of Satan that they are, he said: kinky-haired, beady-eyed, forked-tongued little bastards...

    He told of how he had said to his wife: I doubt seriously if I die of old age...I'm going to die in a bloodbath, gunbattle, some day, but I'm going to take a lot of then d-mn' Jews down with me when I go.

    He even seemed to suggest that wielding the sword against Jewery is a Religious duty. He staged: I pity the mister who stands before Yahvah the Eternal with a clean, shiny, polished sword in his hand. When I stand before Him, I want notches on my sword, lots of them. And I want blood on it, enemies' blood.

    The preacher admantly insited that Jews cannot become Converted, and will never enter the Kigndom of Yahvah. He stated that Yahvah Himself has promoted and perpetuated the hatred that supposedly exists between the Jes and White (Adamite) Religious people.

    You may find it hard to believe that a professing Religious Minister could stand up in a pulpt somewhere in the USA and spout such hate-mongering nonsense; nevertheless, it's true! The above quotations were staken from excerpts of two taped messages given in 2012.

    Some seedline preachers seem less malevolent than the one quoted above, though their doctrine still appeals to the prejudices of certain people, Dan Gaymen, for instance of the Church of Israyl, headquarted in Schell City, Mo writes: Remember that Yahvah created all races separely and distinctly, that He has a plan a plan and purpose for every race, and that you should habour heate twoward none of Yahvah's creation (The Watchman, Summer 1989, page 26.)

    This seems to be in line with the teaching of geniune Religious love. Yet notice what the same author wrote in the Summer, 1988 edition of The Watchman: is it not plain now for you to see that these people who have the Talmud as their Sdcripture and the Synagogue as their temple, who have Lucifer as their Eternal and usury as their economic weapon in this world, are indeed an evil people because they come from the fountain head of evil? Are you not able to see that they have always been a vaguebond and fugitive race because they inherited these genetic qualities from Cain?...Do you not understand why they have always been the shopkeeprs, merchants, and bankers of all the nations and not the farmers and tillers of the land? When you build the genetic link to these people back to Cain, you have all the answers, just as close by as your nearest set ofScriptures (p 27)

    Such a teaching can only arouse bigory, hatred, give people with anit-Semitic inclinations an excuse for their prejudice. But, hopefully, all will admit that if the teaching is not true—if the seed of Satan doctrine is not in agreement with the Word of Yahvah—then it obvivously has NO PLACE in Religiou! It should be—must be—cast out as the unrighteous, hate-mongering, DAMABLE HERESY that it is!

    Herein you will find undeniable proof that the serpent's seed teaching stands in bold contradiction to the clear and simple TRUTH of your Scriptures! But first, let's briefly review the basic premise of this doctrine. To Be Cont.


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