• "Please be very thoughtful toward the principle which I will now summarize.
    Lost human beings, sick human beings cannot survive without, cannot
    survive in their sickness without creating one crisis after another, which
    means they prefer their sickness to mental health, to spiritual health, to
    transcending themselves.

    Your opportunity comes by recognizing that you personally are doing this;
    that you want to shake, you want to feel sorry for yourself, you want to
    break down and cry because this keeps the false world centered around you.
    And that is very, very cruel because you will extend that very nature on to
    everyone else you meet and they will shake too. Because they are going to
    repeat, they're going to imitate that behavior and accept it as being right
    and necessary. Therefore you have taught them something wrong; you have
    taught them that the crisis is right when it is really wrong.

    Teach yourself that a crisis of any kind, of any kind, any kind, is always
    wrong for you! You want to do something right for yourself, don't forget

    You start tonight to sacrifice some small crisis that you now love. No
    longer love it, let it go and watch how truth begins to give you something
    that is authentically valuable... Truth will show you how to spend your
    life very wisely and with no crises at all."

        Solved - The Mystery of Human Pain
           DVD # 25, talk 1   Blu-ray # 9, talk 1