• "Whether you understand it or not, whether you comprehend what I'm talking
    about or not, your greatest fear is that of ceasing to be you. Now think
    about it, get your foolish self-destructive objections out of the way and
    think about what I just said. You're very much concerned that you won't
    be able to carry yourself into tomorrow or even the next hour from now. And
    so, instead of doing the intelligent thing of understanding that worry, you
    go ahead and work as if you're a reality that must be promoted, protected
    with more dazzling lights on it.

    When you catch a glimpse that you are not you after all, the whole tragedy,
    the whole phony scene collapses and you, you are out of your life into THE
    life. Now it's all done for you. You're with Life with a capital L; you
    have nothing to do anymore.

    Oh yes, you have something to do and what you can do now is enjoy the
    showers of blessings that come down from Heaven to you and keep you in this
    state where all fear of non-existence goes away, because you saw it was
    based on imagination and an imaginary self. How would you like to be happy
    for a change? How would you like to be in an inner condition where you
    don't care what happens to you because you know in this new state it is
    always good, the state is good. The happenings outwardly are nothing
    whether you make five dollars today or five million, it means nothing to
    you. You've got something a thousand, million times higher than that."

        from a talk given 2/8/1989
      V H's Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 26, talk 630, track 1