The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth

  • The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth? Part 4


    Who was Cain's Father?


    As stated in last blog, seedline preachers claim that Cain and Abel were faternal twins begotten of different fathers, Cain said to be Satan's son, was begotten first, before his twin brother Abel, the son of Adam. Advocates of the doctrine say that this agrees perfectly with Ge 4:1-2.

    But first, before we examine this passage, let's define two important terms, exegsis and eisegesis. Simple stated, exegesis is the use of those interpretational principles whereby one drives information from a specific text. Eisegesis, on the other hand, is the reading of one's own concepts and ideas into a specific text.

    As anyone should be able to see, the use of eisegesis in interpreting the Scriptures can only lead to blatant error!

    With this in mind, let's see if we can determine what Ge 4:1-2 really says.

    And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she coneived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from YAHVAH. And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of the sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground,

    Notice that this passage does not tell us that Cain and Abel were fraternal twins. Just as we are not told how much time passed befor Cain and Abel took up their occupation of keeper of sheep and tiller of gorund, we are not told how much time passed between the births of the two boys. The fraternal twins theory is just that—a theory!

    The passage does tell us that Cain was the son of ADAM! Notice that (1) Adam knew Eve (all Scriptural scholars agree that the word knew, in this case, denotes a sexual union), (2) Eve conceived, and (3) Even gave birth to Cain.

    Even conceived after Adam knew her, and a male child, Cain, resulted from the union! This is what the passage clearly says, and this is the ONLY natural way to understand it! (The same sequence--(1) sexual union, (2) conception, (2) birth—is found in verse 17, and all agree who is the father!)

    The only way to make Cain the son of anyone other than Adam is to read into the passage something that is not there! This is eisegesis, and as we have noted eisegesis is a sure road to FALSE DOCTRINE!!

    Now, let's see yet another example of how seedline preachers perveret the true meaning of the Scriptures. To Be Cont.


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    Apostle T Good Morning Sis. Roden, if you have not read the first three parts you should. As this will help you understand the whole thing.
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