A student of truth asked his teacher, 'Why do so many people continue with
    error instead of finding Truth?'

    Replied the teacher, 'Because error is like leaves scattered on the surface
    of the sea. They are easy to collect. Truth is like pearls in deep water.
    Few men care to take the adventurous dive. Be one of the adventurers.'

    Adventure with this thought. You can do as much as you can see - if you
    really know what it means to see. To the undivided man, seeing and doing
    are the same thing. _To do, see_.

    See this: You are living in the real world when you don't care whether or
    not it collapses. However, this real world can never collapse. Only a false
    world can do that. Those living in the real world know all this. For this
    reason the notions of collapse or non-collapse have no place in their
    minds. There is nothing to think about."

        Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, p. 157 (Previous version)
                                                    p. 153 (Current version)