• "Listen to me now. You are a long ways from getting this, but you might as
    well start now, till you know absolutely forever, permanently altogether
    you actually understand the spiritual teaching that there is no one good
    but God.

    Now if you don't know that - which you don't - then who is doing all the
    talking inside of you? You are and you still think that you have virtue of

    Please have nothing to do with the madness of this world in which
    psychopaths - I wish there was a stronger word, I'm going to hang on to my
    chair myself - in which psychopaths are given Nobel peace prizes. See it or
    not? Do you see it or don't you? The more psychopathic you are, the more
    likely you are to get a peace prize.

    This world is indeed ruled by Satan - Satan being dark unconscious forces."

       A Library of Powerful Truths - Part 2
          Let a Higher Spirit Guide You - MP3 CD, track 4