Esoteric wisdom quickly defeats whatever now defeats you.
    To gain this wisdom, let's examine the five steps to victory:

    1. The Event
    2. The Disturbance
    3. The Endurance
    4. The Awakening
    5. The Victory

    Presently, you may understand only the first two steps, that is, an Event
    of some kind causes Disturbance. This is the limited life of most people,
    which you will transcend.

    Your victorious effort begins with Endurance of the Disturbance. What does
    this mean? It means to observe the Disturbance, to stand aside and watch as
    it causes a nervous mind and body. It means you do not try to escape the
    Disturbance with a defense or an attack; it means you don't explain or
    complain or resist. You simply watch. Endurance means exactly that - to
    endure, to let yourself get shaken up without objection. It helps to
    remember that what is shaking you is trying to shake you loose. It is like
    shaking sour fruit off a tree to make room for sweet fruit.

    As you permit Endurance to have its way, something magical appears. You
    begin to sense something fresh. You begin to understand that you are not
    permanently connected with the Disturbance, which is your awakening. Then,
    Victory comes of itself. It happens. It is a real experience.

    For instance, suppose an Event causes the Disturbance of feeling lost and
    empty. By practicing Endurance, you sense an Awakening to the true nature
    of these feelings, which provides final Victory. When this happens, even
    once, you will never be the same again. You have the beginning of the true
    view And with it comes the ending of agitation, like unhooking yourself
    from a tractor that has dragged you over bumpy ground."

                   How to Swiftly Defeat What Now Defeats You
               Pathways to Perfect Living, Chap. 6, p. 68 (Previous version)
                                           Chap. 6, p. 88 (Current version)