'It is incredible,' said Ann in group discussion, 'but I now see why
    self-observation is so vital. Quiet self-viewing is the beginning of
    self-change, a change toward health and happiness.'

    Asked Jerry, 'What, exactly, did you observe in yourself?'

    'Something startling,' said Ann. 'I saw how I secretly resented people who
    expected me to behave in a certain way toward them. I was like an actress
    given a difficult role she really did not want to play. I now see how
    fearful I was of the disapproval of my audience. You know, I would never
    have believed this about myself unless I had seen it for myself.'

    'None of us believe it at the start,' added Isabel, 'but thank heaven we
    are waking up.'

    _A refusal to remain in psychic sleep is a power in itself for

                               STRANGE FACTS ABOUT MAN AND HIS WAYS
                         Inspire Yourself, Chap. 9, p. 121 (Previous version)
                                           Chap. 9, p. 113 (Current version)