• "Lost human beings, suffering human beings, are in love with themselves. Now
    look, there is no such thing as you and your problem. You are the problem,
    therefore if you love that you love yourself. See how it all comes right

    You'll never be able to evade that fact any more. You may try, but it
    always comes back - if you're sincere. That is, you see, so many people
    come to a source of truth and they say, 'I want to rise to a different
    level than I'm living on, I want to get out of the mess that I'm in.' Some
    of them mean it, some don’t.

    Now if you mean it, if you mean that you want to be a different kind of a
    human being, then you go over and over this marvelous, brilliant fact you
    just heard. That you yourself are the only difficulty you have or ever will
    have, and ever had in the past too.

    Now look where you are. You may not like it; that is, this old nature, this
    hostile nature, this fierce nature doesn't want it because now you are
    beginning to see something that it doesn't want you to see, which is you
    and your problem are exactly the same thing. You are the problem.

    Now, now where are you? Faced with something you've never dared to face
    before, which is that there is no point ever again complaining about the
    difficulty; there is no point again ever placing it outside of yourself.
    There's no point ever saying, 'I am innocent and the world is guilty for
    what it's done against me.' No point in wasting your energy, no point in
    being dishonest like that any more. That now you are going to have to see
    the fact for yourself; you've seen it intellectually, because I told it to

    Now you're going to have to see it so closely that you live with it, that
    you understand it thoroughly. And this means that if you want to solve the
    problem, you have to solve yourself. If you really want it, that is, and
    most people don’t; most people don't want what we're talking about. They
    want to stay where they are, and they want to be the separate little person
    that can go out and crab about things and hurt other people. Let's pause
    just a minute and go on to that statement.

    What kind of a person would prefer hurting another human being, than not
    hurting him? Well, would you say that everybody hurts every one? You know
    that. The hard remarks, the general corruption of society, in financial
    circles, in religious circles. Everywhere there is corruption, there are
    people, desperate people; the only thing they know to do is to go out and
    hurt someone, someone else, in an attempt to make themselves feel better.

    Oh, I better ask you something. Have I described you or not? If I've
    described you, then it's going to make you uncomfortable, isn't it? Because
    maybe you don't want to see this, maybe you don't want to hear this. If you
    have one ounce of sense, you'll listen like you've never listened in your
    life before to what we're talking about.

    See the beginning of sense, just ordinary sense which goes on to something
    much higher, spiritual perception, starts with you listening to something
    that all your life before you never wanted to hear. You wanted to push it
    away, you wanted to go out and have fun instead of studying your life and
    seeing why it's what it is.

    Let's say now, you've decided that you've heard something now in the last
    few minutes, something that interests you, something that appears to be
    that key that's going to open that door that you've been trying to get in,
    inside another place, for all these years - and I tell you that it is."

          A Clear Look at Life  DVD # 8, talk 2