• "Everything is heavy and confused inside of you, strained, and so you say,
    'What a strained confused world I live in.' You're living in your own
    confusion, your own strain, and somehow because you don't understand, you
    think that it exists out there. It does exist out there in the other
    person, but it doesn't have to exist for you - if you are free.

    You know, you can be like Daniel in the lion's den - if you have real
    strength, real courage, real calmness inside of you. You can be in the
    lion's den of the whole world and they can growl at you and they can claw
    at you, but they can't hurt you. The world growls all the time, doesn't it?
    And you get hurt, simply because you don't understand that you don't have
    to get hurt.

    This power - a spirituality inside of you - is stronger than a million
    lions. You are going to walk through this world free, as free as you wish.

    So we've established a little bit of evidence that it is necessary to ask
    questions about the life and get the answers. And then, when you get the
    answers, please, don't let them hit against the hard wall of your usual
    mind, your usual way of taking things. Because if the answer smashes
    against your wall, you're not going to be able to absorb it and understand
    it and let it work for you to change the kind of a man or a woman you are.
    And to change you into a person who is - listen, see if this appeals to you
    - change you into a person who is unafraid of that world out there,
    unafraid of the world inside of you that you're now terrified of. Haven't
    you noticed how afraid you are of yourself? Notice you're afraid you're
    going to lose your temper. Lose it today? Afraid that other people are
    going to take advantage of you.

    Well, of course, they're going to take advantage of you because you don't
    understand human nature, yours or theirs. So as we take some of these
    answers, do be receptive to them, see how they apply very much to you, to
    your life, to your daily life.

    When you let those answers, which are the right answers, begin to change
    you, change your nature, then all those lions out there can growl all they
    want; they can try to bluff you, try to make you run away. But you just
    stand there and look at them and know that they are a fake, which they are."

        Questions and Answers 9
            DVD # 12, talk 2   Blu-ray # 5, talk 2