• The cause and cure of human suffering

    The following paragraphs will enable you to think in an entirely new way
    about yourself and your life.

    Mental dawning occurs when you understand the meaning of the word
    "identification." To identify means to wrongly take something - anything
    at all - as being part of what you call your "self." It means to wrongly
    believe that you have an identity made up of your acquired opinions and
    hopes, of your various successes and failures. You might wrongly identify
    yourself as being "a happily married person," or "a person with an exciting
    life," or as someone who "deserves" appreciation and comfort and security.
    Identification is no different from a man who would place a sign across
    his chest reading, "I am wise" or "I am daring."

    Now, can you begin to see what causes human suffering? Suffering occurs
    when other people and daily events refuse to believe these signs, when the
    signs are ignored or criticized. Who, then, causes an individual's anguish?
    Not other people, nor changing circumstances, but the individual himself
    who insists that these self-labels are realities. A complete absence of
    self-labels gives reality nothing to strike, therefore suffering becomes
                      HOW YOU CAN END PAIN AND ANXIETY
               Secrets for Higher Success, Chap. 6, p. 114 (Previous version)
                                           Chap. 6, p. 86 (Current version)