• "How many of you have a wandering mind? How many have a weirdly wasteful
    wandering mind? How many don't want me ask any more questions? It can be
    illustrated with the story of a king, a royal monarch who rules over his
    castle and kingdom with great diligence and efficiency and compassion. He's
    the king of his own castle, and all goes well, except something happened.

    One day he went out for a ride on his horse in the hills, and the horse
    stumbled and he fell down and hit his head and got amnesia. There he was,
    off in the dark hills and wood, not knowing who he was. Let that sink in to
    you personally, and tell yourself right now and rightfully remind yourself
    all the time that you don't really know who you really are. Your
    wandering mind had taken charge. It has taken over and it can pull you away
    from your real nature anytime it wants to do so, and it wants to do so all
    the time, because it's the nature of hostile, false forces to separate you
    from the Kingdom on High.

    Well, the king, not knowing who he was, didn't know what direction to take
    to get back home. He became a weary wanderer apart from where he should be.
    And because he was unable now to behave and operate from his authentically
    kingly nature, he could be taken away and mauled and hurt and deceived by
    anyone who saw him, and that's just what happened. For years, the king
    meaninglessly meandered, not knowing, not realizing what had happened to
    him, and so, of course, his kingdom begin to fall apart.

    Ah, now translate that for yourself. His kingdom, his unattended kingdom
    began to fall apart, disintegrate; no order, no happiness, just chaos, just
    anarchy, anarchy being where there's no central authority. And because his
    inner kingdom had no strong central leadership, he suffered terribly from

    But one day he met a very wise and very kindly magician who knew all about
    such happenings to human beings, to kings. And so he sat down with the king
    and told him what had happened to him."

        from a talk given 7/23/1989
      V H's Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 28, talk 680, track 1