The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth

  • The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth? Part 6


    The Genetics 'Gospel' Part A


    According to seedline preachers, the sunfortunate progency of the “spurious counterfeit seedline behave wickedly because they have been genetically programed to behave that way. They are utterly helpless to behave any other way.

    The 'righteous' seedline—beginning with Adam, anc continuing through Seth, Noah, Avraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc.--on the other hand, have an inborn proclivity toward righteusness and good works. They are the true, genetically 'pure,' Israelities (for 'Adamites') who accept Messiah, who recognized the vove of their Shepherd and follwed Him. Today, they are the White, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Lombardic, Germanics, Scandinavian, Slavonic, and Kindred peoples.

    The outspoken preacher quoted near the beginning of the article described this group as Yahvah's '...royal priesthood, has prize possession, his dynasty of priests.' He advised his audience to engage in 'fruit inspection' in order to find one 'who's who, and what's Jew'--for the two seedlines, we are told, can be distinguished to their 'fruits.'

    Gayman writes: Just as the true seed of Avraham, descended through Isaac and Jacob-Israyl, has always displayed a proclivity toward acceptance of the Messiah, confirmed a belief in the Scripture, has sought to build assemblies and embrace the Religious faith, so have the children of Satan, the seedline of evil sought to battle against Messiah, wrestle and fight against the Scripture, wear down and destroy the Brethren, and seek to ruin and demise the Religious culture from this earth. A bite of simple logic will tell you that if good and positive things have been sought by the true seed of Avraham, then negative and evil programs have been the inspiration of those who are the counterfeit seed of Avraham. (The Watchman, Summer 1988 pg 25) To Be Cont.