• "You look up and say, "I'd like something else to live my life for me,"
    that is the deciding point by which you can think, feel and act in a
    different way toward all the rocks in the road.

    You are saying, in essence, I give up trying to do it myself. But you do
    not say it in despair. You don't say it in agony. You simply, calmly state
    a fact; as if you were talking to someone over the lunch table. "I don't
    know what to do about my life. I never have. I used to think that this or
    that plan or ambition would help me, but I've come to the shocking
    realization that, whatever I do, I remain the same kind of human being."

    This very quiet and non-emotional admission will bring you to an
    incredibly marvelous, beautiful state in which you see something that you
    have never seen before. And with a newer brilliance to your inner life, you
    see with clarity your need for outside help. Now, we're going to
    concentrate a lot on that word, because everyone says, "Sure, I have
    problems and I know I need assistance. Sure, and I'm doing all I can do
    to get some kind of support for me."

    But the individual does not realize what you have heard before and you
    must always remember - that when you say, "I can't help myself," you must
    say, "I can't help myself," and stop right there. Your plans do not work
    out. They have never worked out, and yet the individual continues to build
    his own blueprint, which always fails.

    All right, you look up. That's symbolic, isn't it, for looking up to
    something higher or stronger - something that is pure, something that
    really cares for you. That's symbolic of looking up, and when you do look
    up and ask for help, it is extremely vital that you know what to do next,
    after you cry for help. And what you do next is absolutely nothing."

                   Pure Prayer
           Your Power of Natural Knowing, Chap. 22, p. 175 (Previous version)
                                          Chap. 22, p. 155 (Current version)