The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth


    The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth? Part 8


    The 'Serpent's Seed' and the Flood


    Seedline preachers claim that the 'spurious counterfeit seedline' survived the Flood—apperently through one or more of Noah's daughters-in-laws and later made its presence known in the descendants of Canaan and related people of the earth.

    But there are some major problems with this theory!

    First, if genetic corruption and its resultant spread of wickedness was the primary cause of the Flood, as some seem to think, then why did Yahvah allow the wicked seedline to find its way aboard the ark?

    Second, since Noah and his wife and sons were genetically 'pure' the serpent's lineage had to have been carried through Noah's daughters-in-laws (which means that they were genteically 'impure'). But unfourtante for seedliners, this theory crumbles in the light of Ge 9:1.

    And the Eternal BLESSED Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful and multiply and repenish the earth.'

    In verse 7m He again states, 'And you, be ye fruitful and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.'

    Now, had Noah's sons been in unlawful marriages (unlawful according to the seedline doctrine) with descendants of Cain, then surely Yahvah would NOT have BLESSED them; would not have commanded them to be fruitful and multiply in the earth-- for YAHVAH DOES NOT BLESS UNLAWFUL UNIONS!

    In spite of the evidence, seedline advocates still find a way to trace the serpent's lineage through the Flood and into the lion of Canaan, son of Ham. Their time could be much better spent by following a simple piece of advice of they would listen.

    [DO NOT] give heed to fables and endless genelogies, which minister questions, rather than righteous edifying which is in faith. 1Tim 1:4. To Be Cont