The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth

  • The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth? Part 12


    Exploding Seedline Myths


    Literature and taped messengers produced by 'seed of Satan' preachers are usually filled with ridiculous, monstrously false statements and interpretations of Scripture. Myths are used to support myths!

    In number '1' through '7' you will find statements (in quotations) that are either directly quoted from seedline material, or are representative of the kind of statements commonly made by advocates of the doctrine.

    (1).'He [Satan] did not have the power of Creation but he did have the power of Pro-Creation' (The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15, p.40)

    If the Devil had no power to create, then how did he procreate? In order to do so, he had to transform himself into a physical being with functional reproductive organs. Since spirit being do not have such organs, Satan, in becoming a physical creature, had to CREATE them (i.e. make them, bring them into existence). He had to create living sperm cells, or he would not have been able to rpocreate. If he could do all that, surely he could create a whole man, or even multitude of men, all made in his own image! (Does this sould like an idea for a brand new doctrine?)

    The truth of the matter is that there is not the slightest indication in Scripture that the Devil ever had the power to create or procrate! So why not reject the idea as the ridiculous nonsense that it is?

    (2).'Yahvah's law of 'kind after his kind' was broken when Cain was begotten.

    Yahvah put within each of the creatures He created the cability to reproduce 'after its kind' (see Genesis 1). But this 'kind after his kind' law is not a law that can be broken! In reproduction, frogs require frogs, cats requires cats—but frogs CANNOT crossbreed with cats. Sperm cells from one will not fertilize eggs cells from the other.

    Statements such as the ones above (number 2) exemplify the absurdity of seedline 'theology.'

    (3).'Today the entire world wanders after this counterfeit spurious seedline and worships them as the CHOSEN PEOPLE OF YAHVAH when in truth they are the anit-Messiah Canaanite Jews descended from Satan' (The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15 p.7)

    The world worships the Jews? Is that why the Jews have been driven from one country to another? Is that why they have been hated, persecuted? Is that why hate mongers have tried to exterminate them?

    Seedline preachers claim, on the one hand, that the fact that the Jews have suffered so much rejection is proof that they are Cain's descendants, for Cain was to be a 'fugtive and a vagabond” (Ge 4:12) in the earth. 'Yet, on the other hand, some of the same people make statements like the one above, claiming that the world worships the Jews. What contradiction!

    (4)The Hebrew and Greek word translated 'Gentile(s) in the Scriptures actually mean 'nations' or 'people,' and those words can, and sometimes do, refer to the people of Israyl. The 'Gentiles' Paul preached to were Jacob's true descendants—the so-called 'lost ten tribes' of the House of Israyl. Salvation was never promised to any race other than the righteous seed descended from Adam. To Be Cont