The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth

  • The “Seed of Satan” Does the Devil Have Offspring on this Earth? Part 12


    Exploding Seedline Myths Part B


    In Romans 11, Paul shows that with ISRAYL'S 'fall.' salvation came unto the GENTILES. He says that 'blindness in part is happened to ISRAYL, until the fulness of the GENTLES be come in.' Read the whole chapter, and you will-provided you drop all prejudice-see clearly that the Gentiles in the assembly were not Israylites by lineage! You will note that Paul did not speal of Jews and Gentiles, he spoke of Israyl and the Gentiles. If the 'Gentiles' were Isarylites, then who was Israyl?'

    The above argument is right about ont thing: Salvation was never promised to any race but Adam's. Of course, all families and races came from Adam-yes, including the Jews! Moreover, if salvation were for only one of the races of man, Jn 3:16 would be, to say the least, a gross exaggeration. The passage reads, 'For Yahvah so loved the WORLD, that He gave His only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.' Period!

    (5).'In 1Jn 3:12, the apostle John said painly that 'Cain...was of that wicked one.' Try to spiritualize that one away!'

    Let's not spiritualize the verse away; rather, let's try to understand what it means. If we say it means that Satan was the father (literally) of Cain, then we are reading into the passage an idea that is not there. In context, John is speaking of the 'children of Yahvah' and the 'children of the Devil' (vs 10). Did he mean 'spiritual children' in one case and 'fleshly children' in the other. Obiviously not; the expression 'of that wicked one' is synonymous with 'of the world' (1Jn 4:6), just as 'of Yahvah' (4:4.6) is synonymous with 'of the truth' (1Jn 3:19). It is abundantly clear that none of these expressions have anything to do with genetics!

    .'The Book of Enoch was accepted as authoritative by the Assembly Fathers. This book tells of how the messangers took wives of the daughters of men and engendered offspring.

    The First Book of Enoch, or Ethopic Book of Enoch, is a JEWISH pesudepigraphal work according to The New Word Encyclopaedia Britannica. ' compliation of several separate works, most of which are apocalyptic,' and '...may have originated with or been influenced by the Essenic community of Jews at Qumran. No fragment of the longest portion of the work (chapter 37-71), however, were found among the Qumran writings. This has led scholars to theorize that this section was perhaps written in the 2nd century A.D. By a Jewish Brother who wished to imbue his own eschatological speculations with the authority of Enoch, and added his work to four older apocryphal Enoch writings' (Vol 4 pg 506).

    The visible assembly of the second century—pr a portion of it—may have accepted the work as authoritative, but it was not added to the Canon of Scripture. Several of the theological views of its author, whose true identity is unknown, do not agree with the teachings of Messiah and His Apostles—so there are not good reason to accept the document as canonical text and plenty of good resasons not to accept it.

    It is interesting that those who point the finger of condemnation at the Jews are willing to accept an ancient JEWISH document containg JEWISH fables-in spite of Paul's adonition ot avoid 'giving heed to Jewish fables' (Titues 1:10-14)!

    Doubtless had 'Enoch' not inculded the fable about unions between messengers (angels) and women, seedline propnents would not accept the word as authoritative.

    (7).'There is an inborn enemity between Jews and true Brethren.

    No, the enmity that exists between some Jews and some 'Brethren' is not inborn-it is learned! Fortunately, the emnity-can be removed; but unfortunately, few people, once infected, ever recover from the malignant disease. We do not expect this study to cause the 'seed of Satan' preachers to stop spreading their hate-mongering doctrine-but perhaps we can prevent them from transforming a few unwitting little ones into 'twofold more the children of Gehenma' than themselves! To Be Cont.


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