• I just finished a windows 10 update.  A new windows 10, so to speak.

    It took over a half an hour, and the garbage they downloaded, I won't even use, lol!

    You know, things like personal business, such as unline checking and bill paying, using the same sign in, for all sites, storing files.  Nope, all I have on line is not worth saving anyway.

    Constentina, I have her turned off for a reason.  I don't like talking to computers.

    Apps, that I will never use.  And of course edge.  It's there, if I ever need it, but I prefer firefox, and chrome, to edge.  I just don't like edge.

    If I could get rid of all this garbage, and still keep the current windows 10, it'd be gone in a heart beat, but since I can't it's here to stay.

    Oh well, that's life!  back tomorrow!


    God Bless!


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