• Today has been one crazy day!

    Because of the Pandemic, I only go out to Walmart once a month.  And oh brother!!  That store has changed so much, and they're still not done with the remodeling! 


    I had to look for every single thing I had on my list, since the pharmacy had a complete make over.  Most of what I normally buy, was usually on the end of the aisles, but changed big time.  They've put in more shelves.  Now they shelves are long, really long, and they've added an extra tier to boot!


    What normally took me 15 to 20 minutes to buy what I need, it took me over an hour today, to find all I needed.


    They were out of my creamer, so I had to go to SunMart to get it, and it cost me 2 dollars more.  Couldn't find some things.  Like the women's department.  Oh I found the Department, but all they had were jackets for the winter, nothing else, because behind the jackets, was men's clothing.  Maybe next month they'll have the women's department back to full capacity again.


    I even had to buy my husband's birthday card at SunMart because I couldn't stand walking down a long line of cards, to find the birthday cards.  They were moved too.  And the book department was moved way to the back of the store.


    They rearranged the shoe department, to a smaller area, though the shelves were on the long side, and they added 2 more tiers to each shelf.  Too tall for me to reach, and I'm 5 ft. 8 ins.


    And then, I was having problems with my phone.  I hadn't been able to use it for a couple of weeks, and when my daughter called me this morning and got a recorded message saying my phone was restricted.  So I went to my site, And discovered that my air time had run out, lol!  Another trip to Walmart, to get my phone card to add airtime back on my phone.  It's working again, lol!


    Well next month, just has to be better!  That's all there is to it, but if it's not, I'll let Walmart know that I'm not very happy with they're taking they're sweet time getting things done.  Right now, they have clerk's all over they're store shopping for people who go on line, to do they're shopping.  They have most of their clerks doing that, so no help on regular check out, and only the north self check out is open, the south one closed.


    Now, I'm going to try and set back and relax now, I am one tired out lady, from all this craziness today.  Back tomorrow!


    God Bless!


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