Veteran's Day

  • Today I step away from the normal morning postings.


    Today, I stand up and honor our Veteran's.  Veteran's who gave up their free time, to fight, with honor, for America.  The Country that they love.  Some gave part of them selves in wars....and some gave all.


    For all you Soldiers, Past and Present, I want to say thank you.  Thank you for giving up your free time, to fight for our freedom.  God Bless You one and all.


    To the families who lost a loved one doing battle.  I thank you for willingly allowing your Soldier to do what he did best, fighting for our freedom.  You now have a Guardian Angel keeping watch over all he/she left behind.  God Bless You.


    There is another branch of armed forces.  That has never gone to war, but put their lives on the line every single day.  These Officers, like the regular armed forces, have a few bad apples that give them a bad name, and all end up being blamed for it.  Lately, protester's want them defunded, to be no more.  Daily, the walk out the door, to start their shift, not knowing if they'll make it home, or not.  Lately, there are reports across the United States of an officer, or more being shot.  Their watch is over.  Their Uniforms may be blue, olive, or brown, but they serve our Country every single day.  To them I also say thank you, to the Police/Sheriff Officers across America.  You, too, serve and fight for our freedom.  Thank You Officer, for your service.  God Bless You.




    God Bless America!


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