Power Outage

  • We're in the rolling power outage area of the U.S.  Central states from the Dakota's to Texas, North to South, and from New Mexico to North Carolina, going West to East, and lets not forget Louisiana, Arkansas, etc. It's reaching across the U.S.

    And there's a stand alone state in the extreme West.  Oregon.  We don't know when these power outages will hit.

    The reason for these power outages? 

    Extreme frigid temperatures are affecting our region’s power supply, so the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) asked Energy to implement controlled, temporary emergency electricity reductions to help avoid larger uncontrolled and extended power outages throughout the region .


    The only warnings we'll receive will be about 3 minutes before the outage hits.  And they will last from 30 minutes to an hour.

    So today and tomorrow,  I'll just be in and out.  Blame it all on the Polar Vortex, because of it being bitter cold, a lot of power is being used to heat homes.  Our heater is a combination electric/gas.  Electric to kick it on, and gas to heat.

    Once my power goes out again, the computer will go off, and I'll be done for today.

    And for all you others?  Be prepared, because you won't know until the warning.  In some areas warnings will not be given.  Especially the small towns and rural area.  It'll just happen.

    God Bless!