• It looks like it's going to start again any second.  Tomorrow will be just like today, so I'll be off, more than on.

    Had a great start to my morning after an all, but sleepless night.  Poor Friskie, when the sky goes boom, he seeks a place to hide, and of course it was on our bed, under the top cover.  From a little after 2 this morning, until about 7, there was no sleep.  Tried to get a few more minutes of sleep this morning, but after 30 minutes, I got up, just could do it.

    Thought I'd start a load of laundery.  Got it started, and then next step, a pot of coffee.  Got coffee in the filter, water in the coffee maker, set the carafe down, turned on the coffee pot, got my morning pills and water.  Went to the front room, set down with my favorite book, the Bible.

    Finished reading my Bible, drank more water, until the bottle was half empty.  Walked to the kitchen, put my bottle of water in the Fridge, then I looked up, and noticed the mess I made, holy moly!! 

    instead of putting the carafe on the burner of the coffee maker, I had set it down BESIDE the coffee maker.  The overflow of the basket, dripped down all around the coffee maker, oh man what a mess.  Since I was still in the doorway, I told Gary, you just won't believe the mess I made, and he said probably not.  I told him to come and see it, he said, do I want to?  And I told him, come on, see what I did.  He came into the chair, and burst out laughing, lol!

    I'm the one who made the mess, but he joined in, in helping me clean it up.  He told me it could have been a whole lot worse.  I could have dumped the grounds in the washer, and the laundry soap in the coffee maketr, lol!!  I sure hope not, lol!!

    You all have a beautiful day!!

    God Bless!