Another Day Of Storms

  • On for a few.  Still being safe, not sorry.  Had problems with my computer.  I was going to be on earlier, but it shut down.

    Thought the mouse needed a new battery.  Nope, still didn't work.  Switched back to the corded mouse, and that didn't work, went the computer, turned the surge cord off, waited a few minutes,  turned the power back on, and once the modem booted up, I turned the computer back on.  It's running just fine now.

    It just might be time for a new computer, we've had this one for over 6 years now.

    I really don't want to get a new computer, but if I have to, I will.

    The stimulus, for Gary, finally came in, so I'm assuming mine is also in.  Where President Trump ordered that all those with taxes paid on line, and Social Sercurity on Direct Deposit, receive stimulus first.  Biden, on the other hand, stated that all people who filed for taxes 2019 and 2020, receive it first.  And those on Social Security, and Disability had to wait.  First he said we'd have by April 7th, didn't happen.  And then I read, the other day, that all those on Social Security, and Disability, would receive it May seventh.  And we got it.

    It's looking like it's going to cut lose rain/storm wise, so I'm going now.  Tomorrow will be a better day.  Only a 30% chance of rain, and no storms.  I'll be doing a double study tomorrow.

    God Bless the rest of your day!!