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    Mother Nature must be very angry.  Especially at Southern Nebraska.

    Our Weather has turned cold.  Very Cold.  Only in the low fourties today, but tonight, it's going to hit the low to mid twenties.  Right this very second, it looks like it's going to start.  Want to know what I'm talking about, don't you?  Well it look's like it's going to start to



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     Yep, that's what's predicted for later on this afternoon, through the night, and in to Tuesday, mid morning.  Last night, it was forcasted that we'd get over 3 inches.  This morning, they said we could get up to four inches of the white powder.

    Now it's not unusual for us to get a hard freeze, a couple of nights of low in the twenty temps, which the farmers are happy to see, because that means they can start planting, but snow?  Very rare.

    So, we're prepared to see absolute white when we get up tomorrow morning.  Not really expecting to see white on the sidewalks, or roadway, but in the yards, and on the trees.  We'll be losing our pretty blossoms on our tree in the back yard, probably overnight. For sure tomorrow.

    It'll be cold for a few days, until Thursday, when the temps., will go back up into the 50's, by Friday, we'll be back in the 60's, and by Sunday, back into the 70's.

    That's Nebraska Weather for you!

    Going now, back tomorrow!  God Bless!