• And I'm still busy.  A dear friend, has made me a Monitor on 3 of his sites, all dealing with Art (mostly Christian), and it's been so busy, I haven't even checked in on them yet, but will be doing so in a few.

    Study will be back on Monday, I'm just going to do what needs to be done, then get off line today.

    Last night, I woke up cold, and discovered the blanket had been pulled off me.  Needless to say, I was cold for the rest of the night, and missing sleep in the process, so got up later than normal.

    Had some rain last night, gave the ground a soaking, but not much.  The next rain fall will be Thursday, and they expect a .50 inch of rain for our area.

    Our tree is still holding on to it's blossoms.  It started losing it's blossoms yesterday afternoon, but still has quite a bit, that will take quite a bit of time, another 3 or 4 days, to shed them all.

    Gary went to get a pet carrier, and a pad, to put in it.  He's going to set it up, for Friskie.  Only he came back with something different, but on the same order.  It's more like a dog house, like this:

    Amazon.com : Petmate Aspen Pet Outdoor Dog House, Large, For Pets 50 to 90 Pounds : Dog Houses For Large Dogs : Pet Supplies

    Instead of outside though, it'll be in the same place as his bed was.  He's already trying it out, so he'll get used to it.  It was expensive ($75.00), but that's they it goes.  It didn't have a pad to put in it, so he went to WalMart and looked at the pet supplies, and found a nice fluffy one, that matched the top of Friskie's new house, for $25.00. 

    Friskie goes to bed with Gary, and is still there, when I go to bed, but he gets up in the night, and goes to his own bed, and when something disturbs him, he'll come jump on our bed, walk up to the head, and will scoot under the cover.  That's how I lost my cover last night, lol!  I just hope it works.  He was already trying it out, when I saw it, lol!  Once he gets used to it, he'll start using it.

    Well, I'm going now, but will be in and out, so you'll be seeing more of me, lol!!

    God Bless your weekend!