• I'm back.  My computer was acting up again, so off to the computer Doc, it went.  Just got it back.

    The problem?  The fan was covered in dust, literally, a good four to five years worth.  The grill over it, is like chicken wire (actually cut into the case), and down toward the bottom, directly over the fan motor.

    Why they don't place the grill up higher, or to on side or the other, where the dust doesn't collect on the motor and blade, is beyond me.

    Nick (Computer Doc) had to take it apart, and blow all the dust off of it.  He said that it's just one o those things, and eventually all computers will collect enough dust, to make the computer stall out  (like mine did), or refuse to boot up (again, like mine did).  He also said that lap tops are worse than the desk  top computers.

    Not only that, he made a clean sweep of the computer, and had to reboot the programs down on it.  And he added some more programs besides.  He will do that, when he has found more programs to prevent hackers, viruses, etc.  Which is all good.

    I'll do the Study tomorrow, since the majority of my day will be reading posts, etc. on all my sites.

    A Storm will be coming through here Wednesday Night, Throughout the day on Thursday, so I will be off line.  Even worse, storms predicted from Wednesday Night, May 12th  through May 18th.  Some during the days, others during the nights.  So if I don't come on any given day, between the 12th through the 18th, you know why.  Of course I'll be on between storms.

    Catch you all later!!