This And That

  • If you're a Diabetic, please, when your up for the day, wear shoes, even in the house, wear shoes.

    My oldest Daughter has lost all of her toes, because she didn't wear shoes in the house.  She'd stub a toe, it'd get infected, and she did nothing to heal up, until the infection got so bad, that she'd make a trip to the E.R., and by then it was too late.  The Dr. cut off the infected toe, but the infection spread to all the others, and off they came.  That happened twice, once on each foot.  Now she has to wear shoes, with special wedges in the toes, to enable her to walk.

    You'd think my Son, who shares a rental with her, would have realized this, but no, he did the same thing with his right foot.  injured it, and infection set in, and....this morning had surgery, to remove his small toe.  He'll be in the hospital for the next two weeks, to make sure the infection is completely gone.

    This morning, I posted my good morning, they way I used to, but no more.  I'm on five sites now, Monitor two groups, and am made a co-administrator in another group.  I no longer have the time to put those type of posters up any more.  It took me over an hour this morning, to post on all five groups, and then, posting my Study, takes me another hour.

    One of two things will have to stop.  1.  The hour, plus, long posting of my good morning, or 2.  My Bible reading, before coming on line.  The long posting is gone.  I want to soak up the Living Word, as much as I can.

    Time is drawing neigh, when things are really going to start happening, keep your eyes on Israel, and soon, you will really see the hand of our God at work.

    Going now.  Back tomorrow.

    God Bless!