Rememberence: Memorial Day


    This weekend, we remember our fallen hero's.  Those who died to protect, and save our freedom.

    Those,  who have served in our Armed Forces/Military, and who are serving today.  We thank you.

    For those that were left behind, when your Soldiers gave their all.  Only God knows the hell you went through upon hearing your loved one died.  Only God knows, the broken hearts that have been slow to mend, but mend they've done.  Only God knows, How much your Soldiers are missed.  Only God knows, the strength that holds you up, and keeps you strong.  Only God knows the love you feel and share for your Soldiers.  Only God knows, because He's been right there with you, every step of the way, His Blessings cover you today, and always.

    This year, let us remember our other Soldiers, who put their lives on the line, on a daily basis.  They protect our towns, cities, and states.  They leave their homes every single day, not knowing if they will return that night, or give their lives.  A number of them have been killed in the line of duty.  In the past two years 2020-2021, 500 hundred Officers killed in the line of duty. Shot and killed, because angry people take their animosity out on the police force, for no apparent reason, they just do it.  500 hundred families are now without their Husband/Wife, Father/Mother, Brother/Sister, Aunt/Uncle, and life long friend.

    Again, only God knows what these families have gone through, for He's been with them every step of the way.

    For these families, we say thank you.  Your loved one died protecting us, dying for our freedom.  God Bless you all today, and always.

    Let's also remember our firefighters and emergency responders, who also put their lives on the line, on a daily basis.  Thank you guys for a job well done!!

    This Memorial Day, let's remember AL:L who wear uniforms, and thank them all for all they've one for us.

    God Bless each and everyone.....

    God Bless America!!