Busy Morning!

  • I've had a real busy morning, what I thought would take a short time, has taken most of the morning.  A Bible Study. so to speak.

    A young man, asked me to read Isaiah 29, then read Ezekiel 37.  Both chapters talk about a sealed Book.  These sealed Books, I believe are just one Book, a Book in Revelations, the sealed Book, is the Book that is talked about in Isaiah, and in Ezekial.

    Did I tell you?  No, I didn't....this young man is Latter Day Saint (Mormon).  He asked me, if I knew that the Book of Mormon was in the Bible, that it was written about in Isaiah 29, and in Ezikial 37, and asked me to read them.

    Now, if I'm right, in my beliefs, that the Books in Isaiah, and Ezekial, are one and the same, then the Book is still sealed, and won't be opened until the one who is able to, opens it.  The one is the Root of David, the Lion of Judah.

    The Book of the 7 woes (Plagues), which are yet to come.  And he says, it's talking about the Book of Mormon.  I wonder if he's even read Revelations 5...I shall find out later.

    I will try to get the new Study started tomorrow, I'm not finished with the Study I'm doing now.  I'm waiting for his response on what I've written him....

    God Bless!