Many Have Forgotten

  • Tomorrow will be twenty years. Twenty Eleven, when disaster struck.  So many people have forgotten that day.  They probably think it doesn't concern me, but it does.  Thousands, upon thousands, of people died that day.

    Ladder Company 54, Ladder 4, Battalion 9, lost it's whole squad on duty.  15 firefighters gave their lives to save as many people as they could before the towers collapsed.

    First Responders  412 lost their lives 343 were firefighters.  37 Police Officers lost their lives.  8 of them were emergency responders, from private sectors. 2,0606 died in the towers. 

    Go to the third plane, that hit the Pentagon. 125 people lost their lives.  Last, but not least flight 93.  40 hero's gave their lives to keep the highjackers away from the White House.  One of them a Soldier (I think Marine), led other passengers to stop the highjackers from reaching their destination, somewhere over Pennsylvania, a large field, the final voice on the black box, was that of the officers yelling let's roll!  These unsung hero's knew they were going to die, and they died saving countless other lives.

    A total of 2996 people died that day, some from other couturiers on the planes, but the majority were American.  The youngest was a boy 2 years old, and the oldest 87.

    These are the ones accounted for, but what they've not revealed, are those who were never found. 

    And people have forgotten, so here is a reminder.....And.....

    May they never forget again.


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