Off Rest Of Week

  • November Started, with our first snow fall, of the pre-winter season. 

    It just left a trace, but letting us know, that the next snow fall will be soon. 


    November is also our Birthday Month.   On the 4th, Gary will be 76, and Great Granddaughter Riley will be 5.  So, since tomorrow is our day for getting the heavy shopping done, and Thursday is Gary's special day, I'm going to be off, for the rest of this week, and be back on Monday. 


    The next birthday to celebrate, will be November 22nd.  That is the day that our Newest Great Granddaughter will arrive.  Her name will be, Rayne (After her Aunt Hunter Rayne, who is now 11 years old.  She was 3 years old, when she becasme an Aunt).  Her middle name will be Marie (After her Grandma, Ronnette Marie, who is Hunter's Mom).


    And finally, November 25th, Turkey day, no less.  I'll be 76 on that day, and since it's Thanksgiving I'll be off until the following Monday after Turkey Day. 


    Did I ever mention I do not care for Turkey?  Lucky me, Gary doesn't care for it either.  The only time we serve it, is when we're having company, otherwise it's pot roast, or ham, lol!  You all have a good rest of the week!  See ya all on Monday! 


    God Bless!