We Made It Through

  • We Made It Through.

    Through the high winds, which gusted to 53 miles per hour.  The power lines were dancing all over the place, so my computer remained unplugged.

    And then the storm hit.  Winds roared, at 86 miles per hour.  And we received a little damage.  A large, and I mean large, tree branch from out tree came down.  It hit the awning over the front door, before landing on the ground in front of the porch.  The awning was torn partially loose from the house, due to the fact that the board holding it was rotted.  Now we need to make a decision, leaving the awning up, after replacing the board it was attached to or just leaving it down.

    Tornado's hit to the North, North East, and Directly East of us.  Not all of them touched down.  There were only 2 reported, touching the ground.  One to the North, and another to the North East.  The winds in those tornado's were reported to be 75 to 76 miles per hour, so very little damage to farm buildings were reported.

    Our winds, higher, did cause a lot of tree limbs to come down, and trash was blown al around.  No reports on any other damage, except for an empty store, which lost it's large front window.  We'll hear more today, if there was any more damage done.

    We can't claim the highest winds though.  That would be Lincoln, whose winds reached 93 miles per hour, and damage was done to things that were not anchored down.  They were warned to anchor things down, or take them inside.  A few people didn't listen, and swing sets, and trampolines were blown all over the place.  One house in Lincoln was hit by a falling tree.  Roof Damage, and a badly cracked brick wall.


    I forgot to mention on my Study, that due to blood works, and Dr. Appointment tomorrow, I won't be on until late in the afternoon, just in and out at that.  So the Study will be back on Monday, and so will I.


    God Bless!



  • Sheila Eismann
    Sheila Eismann Thank you for this update, Eloise. We are continuing to pray for everyone affected by these horrific storms. God bless, and take care, Sheila & Family
    December 16, 2021 - Report
  • Apostle T
    Apostle T Praise His Name Sis Ellie, that you all are ok there. Glad nothing serious happened to your home.
    December 16, 2021 - Report