Slight Change Is Made

  • I was not gong to be back on until Tuesday, but a change in weather, will have me back on Monday.

    Starting after midnight tonight, we're going to have snow.  Lots of snow.  To top it off, high winds, so it'll probably be s white out.  It'll last until after midnight Sunday.

    We're supposed to get up to eight inches, but with the blowing snow, we could have snow drifts, of over two feet.  Not good at all.  Our temperature tomorrow is a high of six degrees, with that cold wind blowing, it'll feel like minus twenty-two degrees, or even lower.

    With all that snow, it's a sure thing that I'll be shut in on Monday, so I'll be back on line.  It'll be a few days, before the city businesses have their parking lots, and side walks cleared enough, for those with disabilities, to venture out, and get done what needs doing.

    God Bless Your New Year!

    God Bless you!


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    Apostle T Good Morning Sis. Ellie, sorry to read about your weather. We had ours and the snow of 3 1/2 inches here in Junction City is almost gone. We had down to 26 at night Right now at 10:30 a.m. it is 39 out. They say we are suppose to have rain and blowing...  more
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